Skin & Body


Elemental Nature Massage

This deeply relaxing, full-body massage is combined with aromatherapy. Your massage therapist will start off with an Elemental Nature questionnaire to determine what nature your body is in that day - infinity, air, water, earth, or fire - and will help create a balance between your body and mind. The therapist will customize with essential oils, techniques, pressure, pace, and products used during your massage to give you the best experience possible.

30-Minute Session - $42
60-Minute Session - $62
80-Minute Session - $87

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and connective tissue. This massage is recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain or involved in physical activity, such as athletics.

30-Minute Session - $47
60-Minute Session - $67

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage uses heated stones to massage the body. The hardness of the stones allows the therapist to address specified problem areas with more detailed work.

30-Minute Session - $47
60-Minute Session - $67

Pre-Natal Massage

Relief from physical stresses unique to you. Our gentle full-body, therapeutic personalized massage is based upon the Aveda Elemental Nature philosophy and your favorite Aveda aromas. Nurturing and ideal for the mom-to-be.  Must be 13 weeks along.

30 Minute Session - $47
60 Minute Session - $67

Chakra Massage

This innovative massage treatment focuses on centering the Chakra's using a variety of massage techniques. It features the Aveda Chakra Balancing Blend of your choice with deep tissue massage on the back and spinal muscles, Chakra reflexology massage for the feet and energy work for each of the Chakra's.

60 Minute Session - $67

Chair Massages

Sitting in a massage chair opens up the back muscles, relieves strain on the neck and provides a gentle respite for eyes. Even 15 minutes of massage to the neck, back, arms and hands can increase circulation, returning energy levels and help keep the body injury free.

10-Minute Session - $10
15-Minute Session - $15
20-Minute Session - $20

Skin & Body


Newest Treatment - Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning immediately rejuvenates the skin by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells and vellous hair.  It is also highly effective in minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, while leaving skin smooth, supple, and vibrant.  It is also great for prepping the skin prior to our Aveda Plant Peel and to increase penetration of active application and is the go-to treatment to prepare for high profile occasions.  

30 minute session       $50
add on to a facial for  $35

Customized Facials

This spa experience is designed just for you....Beginning with a skin analysis and consultation, our estheticians utilize theories of elemental nature to customize your facial with Aveda Pure Plant and Flower Products. Our custom facials are designed not only to bring your skin into balance, but also your spirit as well. This is beneficial for all skin types to unclog pores, balance skin tone, level moisture of the skin, and will smooth the skin's surface to give you a general healthy glow. For optimal results a series is recommended.

Tulusara Customized Facial
30-Minute Session - $47
60-Minute Session - $72
90-Minute Session - $87

Facial Treatments


Receive the instant exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel without the associated redness and irritation. Open to all skin types, our professional facial masque with salicylic acid, bio-fermented glucosamine and magnesium sulfate helps re-texturize the skin, smooth lines and wrinkles, even skin tone, refine pores and restore radiance.

For best results, we recommend a series of weekly treatments, followed by monthly maintenance facials that preserve skin improvements.

30 minute session - $50 {series of 3 for $135}
*add on the any facial for only $30*

Paraffin Hand Treatment

Immerse hands into warm, melted paraffin wax, coating hands with a warm and soothing paraffin shell. This treatment is used as a way to replenish and soften the skin. ~$7

Brow/Lip/Chin Wax
Recommended if you have at least three weeks of growth, not tanned within the last 24 hours, and taking any dermatologist prescribed medications. Also includes brow shaping!

Body Services

NEW Aveda Aroma Body Wrap

This wrap is a warming, detoxifying seaweed body wrap treatment customized with Aveda body care products and aromas. The treatment includes a dry exfoliation, seaweed body masque, scalp and face massage and foot reflexology techniques.  

75 minute session $82

Aroma Steam Room

You will have 20 minutes of intense heat from the neck down in order to remove toxins and impurities from the skin and body while absorbing the health benefits of the aromatherapy (purefume). This service is not suited for pregnant guest or guests with high blood pressure, heart conditions, or intolerance to heat or steam.

20-Minute Session - $17 {Series of 10 for $120}


Our reflexology session is extremely relaxing and stimulating. This is a wonderfully simple form of natural, complimentary, and holistic healing. It is the use of special techniques to break up and remove blockages in the body and restore proper circulation of blood to any given area. Your session will also include a smoothing foot soak and an application of our Aveda Foot Relief which will add to helping balance your emotions.

30-Minute Session - $42

Salt Glow

Our most popular spa service will leave your skin feeling soft and glowing. This is the most effective service in treating dry skin. An invigorating form of exfoliation using natural minerals and Dead Sea salts mixed with your choice of aromatic Aveda oils. This will help draw out any toxins, exfoliate any dead skin cells, and then re-moisturize your skin back into balance.

60-Minute Session - $77

Rosemary Mint Awakening Body Wrap

Awaken your senses with our soothing spa service. Renew your body and mind with this stimulating and nourishing dry wrap. Your body is exfoliated, smoothed, softened, and wrapped. Essences of rosemary and peppermint will awaken your senses while a scalp and foot massage balances the whole body.

60-Minute Session - $77

Hair Removal

Choose from our variety of waxing options available. You will enjoy smooth, hair-free results. Please allow 3-4 weeks of growth.

Eyebrow Arch - $17
Upper Lip - $12
Chin - $12
Under Arm - $22
Bikini Line - $32
Brazilian - $62
Half Legs - $37
Full Legs - $62
Arms - $27
Men's Chest - $37 and up
Men's Back - $37 and up
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